meditation for business growth and

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Are you ready to ditch your patterns of business stress?

Does your mindset need an upgrade to catapult you to the next level of growth in your business and life?

Have you heard of the powerful effects of meditation for business growth and always wanted to dive in?


The Diamond Mind is a Free 5 day online course that trains your mind to create easeful business growth.


Finally learn how to deal with the monkey mind.

Breakthrough any mental limitations and move your business from plateau to exponential growth.

Shed unhealthy stress and train your mind to thrive under pressure.

Expand your mind so your business flows with power NOT force.

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Much of what we are told about meditation is simply not true! ‘They’ tell us to try and slow down our thoughts.  So we sit in meditation with our eyes closed, watching our breath and struggle to find this elusive thing called peace.  Stopping and watching our thoughts can even make our obsessions, negativities and worries amplified.  It can feel like we need years of training to relax.  And this is why countless people have tried meditation and given up disheartened.


In The Diamond Mind training you learn simple yet powerful ways to end your struggle with meditation.  You’ll learn why most people create a struggle and clear steps to ensure you begin seeing benefits in your meditation for business growth right away.  Benefits include greater clarity, focus, self awareness, emotional resilience and reduced stress… just name a few. 


a mindset for ease and growth

Our current experience of our business and life is a reflection of our current mindset.   When you are ready for the next level of growth in your business you require a shift and expansion of your mindset.  Most business owners who have found a good level of success have set goals and made projections before.  But often they have overlooked the quality of the journey on the way to their destination.  Ease instead of overwhelm, surrender instead of struggle, flow instead of force, excitement instead of stress… these states require a mindset shift.  

In The Diamond Mind training you’ll easily identify the thoughts that are holding you back and open your mind to new and great possibilities.  You’ll learn tried and tested techniques from my 25 years of experience that will go way beyond just soaking up more information… you’ll embody the new level upgrade. 

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experience is everything


My journey with meditation began 25 years ago as a young uni student wanting to learn how to greater manage stress.  I fell in love with the peace of meditation and began teaching it professionally. I’ve meditated for a month in a cave in the Himalayas and trained with many masters.  Over my career I’ve taught meditation to people experiencing illness, those facing death, emotional crisis as well as many high achievers ready to expand into their potential.  


I’ve seen over and over again how meditation can transform our most stressful moments into powerful change.  Just as coal turns into a diamond under pressure, you too can learn to transform your business and life stress into an expansion opportunity. 

how meditation boosts your success

onwards and upwards


Over the 5 days of The Diamond Mind training, all you need is 15 minutes a day to undertake the exercises as well as a commitment to be mindful for the rest of each day.  Each days training is an audio file that you can listen to anywhere (except driving).


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