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I help entrepreneurs to thrive under pressure
and shine like a diamond in business and life.

This program is a powerful combination of advanced stress management, mindset training,
 deep wound clearing and spiritual awakening!  

It's time to create the life that your soul has been calling you to create... 
the business, the relationship, the lifestyle, the health, the joy... you can have it all.

Undertake a deep inner transformation as you expand into your next level of potential.

stress redefined


Stress truly has been given a bad rap.  True success requires us to regularly step out of our comfort zone into stressful situations.  So instead of aiming to completely eliminate stress we can learn to relax into the discomfort.  High performers experience high levels of stress but have simply learned how to manage it well. In the powerful Diamond Code process we ensure that your life is filled with the essential factors that allow you to manage your stress well and ensure you thrive under pressure and continue to rise up to greater levels of success.

holistic focus


Complete and lasting transformation requires ALL levels of our being to shift.  So in The Diamond Code training we make changes on the surface and then we ripple those changes right through your body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Many business and personal development programs focus on one or two layers and rarely on the whole complete being.  When your whole being is met… transformation is guaranteed.  The Diamond Code ensures that all levels are upgraded step by step as you rise to 

your next level of greatness.

structured yet flowing


The 3 months of coaching are based on my tried and tested structured process of transformation that explores your life on all levels… layer by layer.  Career, lifestyle, body, mind, emotions, spirit.  I’ve kept the powerful structure because it works! Deep transformation requires all levels of your being to shift.  However, within the structure there is much room to flow with your unique situation.  We all differ in the areas where growth is needed and thus require a deeper shift in those areas.

who's it for?


It’s for you if have a next level vision in your business or life and you have old darkness surfacing that’s creating struggle.  Stress, sabotage, overwhelm and old unhealthy habits have been getting in the way of your progress.  The Diamond Code busts through the old paradigm, the old you, the old story and the outdated beliefs that have been holding you back.  You can use the program to boost your business success, to heal a stubborn illness, to heal/call in an amazing relationship, uplevel your diet and exercise habits, cut through your stress cycles and finally shine like the diamond that you are in ALL areas.

what does it cover?

The 3 months guides you through all layers of your being, detoxing, fuelling and upgrading 
your body and brain, forming new habits, beliefs, emotional patterns to be in alignment with 
your deepest values and your next level growth. 

We prime your entire system end force or struggle and soar with powerful flow. 

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A detailed business and life assessment is completed that looks in great detail where you are at on all levels of your life, what your biggest challenges are and your goals for outer success and inner fulfilment.

Your Diamond Vision

We get crystal clear on what it is you want to create in ALL areas of your life. A vague vision creates vague results. Clarity is everything and the universe wants to know exactly what you want so it can be delivered.

Your Diamond Lifestyle

We look at your current weekly schedule and lifestyle and ensure it is aligned with your values, your goals for fulfilment and success. We create the ideal structure for you to thrive.

Your Diamond Body

We put your physical body into a mild detox with diet and exercise to ensure the deeper levels of your being are ready for transformation. We ensure you are being nourished and fuelled for true fulfilment and success.

Your Diamond Mind

We look at your current mindset and clear out any beliefs that are not in alignment with your goals and vision. We ensure that you are using your mind as the powerful tool that it is.

Your Diamond Heart

We look at any emotional patterns that have been surfacing that require some clearing to ensure your success can grow to the next stage with less resistance and greater ease.

Your Diamond Spirit

We look at your deepest values, belief systems, find out what drives you and we open out to the big picture of what life is about for you. We connect you very intimately to that small wise voice within… your intuition.

Your Diamond Result

This process allows absolutely ALL levels of your being to be in full alignment with your diamond vision for success and fulfilment. It is a deeply transformative process that births a new successful, more resilient and happy you. STRONG and SHINING BRIGHT like a diamond!

6 diamond code activations

Unlimited Money

Activate your DNA, cells, mind and soul to align with the spiritual truth that there is unlimited abundance available to us at all times... we simply need to open to it.

Unlimited Time

Time is an illusion! The sooner we surrender to this ultimate truth the sooner we can relax and enjoy the moment fully and unleash a level of productivity that blows the concept of time out of the water!

Unlimited Energy

When you are plugged into the source of who you are there is unlimited energy available to us at all times. So let's activate your cells to awaken to this truth.

Unlimited Peace

Peace is the vast sky that allows all weather to pass through it. We align and activate your being to surrender to the truth that truth is always present despite the chaos and noise in our life.

Unlimited Love

Love is what makes the world go around. Everything is an expression of love or an absence of love. We activate your cells to awaken to the truth that YOU ARE LOVE itself and thus can then allow love to motivate your actions and words.

Unlimited Connection

We are ONE! You are not alone, have never been alone and will never be alone. We activate this truth into your being so that you are fully empowered and see yourself in everyone and everything.

The above activations are a complete game changer!  

You will never be the same again after activating and anchoring the above spiritual truths 

more deeply into your being.

diamond code benefits


Well of course you’ll be shining like a diamond… but what does that mean!?!


Feel as STRONG as a diamond so that you no longer fear stress or challenges and can rise above them and move through stress with courage and empowerment.


End the stress cycle that sucks you dry and learn powerful tools to use stress to strengthen you and your ability to claim what you want.


Free yourself from old sabotage patterns so that you can bust through the invisible ceiling of success and step up to create more cash and joy!


Rise above any fears and step up to that bold dream you’ve put on the shelf 

or talked yourself out of.

Master the art of meditation so that you can uncover the deepest fulfilment that is irrespective of outside circumstances.  Oh what joy to feel truly abundant before the outer results arrive… then you can really enjoy the journey! Priceless!


Power and direction in your career combined with faith and flow… 

the recipe for actual results.  You can have it all!


Find a place of stillness and calm within that is your powerful and rejuvenating refuge as you rise above any challenges while building your dream life.


Awaken to the truth of unlimited abundance, time, energy, love and connection so that you are FULL on the inside and then the outer results are the icing on the cake!

This next benefit sounds wanky… but it is worth more than diamonds… 

learn to love yourself… not just with words and empty affirmations but the kind of love that can be seen in your nourishing daily choices and healthy habits.


Learn to connect, trust and follow your intuition/soul/higher power so that you can make clear and bold decisions that catapult you to the results you desire.

Find a feeling of oneness and ease that occurs when you are living on purpose and in alignment with your values and who you really are! Ahhhh GOLD! 

what others have to say…

Canva - Forest

Before the program it was like going through the motions of a perfect life without feeling the joy. I felt unbalanced and like I was only half living. During the process I shifted to empowerment. I went from feeling down a lot of the time to fully rejoicing. I have so much more power and strength. I embarked on a new courageous business path and I’m being really kind to myself.  Courtney is a gifted coach, I felt in such safe experienced hands to do such deep inner work. Courtney… you are a diamond!   


I sought Courtney’s help because although my life looked successful on the outside, I felt I was missing out on the good things in life, as I was weighed down by issues that I couldn’t resolve.  Courtney helped me put these issues into perspective and provided the tools to deal with them and let them go.  We were then able to focus on my business and my income swiftly increased by 40% and my 60 hour weeks reduced to 40 hours.  Courtney always helps me to think about what’s important in life.” 

Brian Lewis, Solicitor

finding an unshakable peace in business and life

Everything changed when I did Courtney’s program.  All areas of my life started clicking into place.  My heavy feelings left and I now feel more happy, relaxed and peaceful than ever.  My self esteem is restored in all areas.  I feel I’ve had a real clearing and have started a new refreshing life that’s more aligned with my deepest values.   During the program I landed an incredible work opportunity that is the icing on the cake.”

annie smith, creative designer

Before Courtney’s program I was constantly stuck in my head and was dependant on sweet food, wine and coffee to keep my work afloat. I knew it needed to stop but I didn’t know how.  During the sessions with Courtney I faced my demons and released the past that was weighing me down.  I’ve had some of my busiest weeks at work and I’m coping really well with any stress that pops up.  I’m now exercising regularly and I no longer crave the naughty food.  I’ve kept up my social life and I’m sleeping really well.  I’m more positive, more confident and more at peace!”  

jane walsh, CEO


$2999 paid upfront or 3 monthly payments of $1100.

This is a premium program where the price reflects the life changing results you can expect.

All private coaching is via application only so book in a breakthrough session below 

to discuss if the program is a good fit for you.

what's included?

The most powerful part of the process is the 6 coaching sessions 

and each modules homework, activations, meditations, trainings and reflections are potent for transformation. 

Business/Life Potential Scale

We take a snapshot of where you are at now which offers very detailed information about the main areas that you need to work on in your health, business and life to reach your success potential and deep fulfilment.

Private Coaching Sessions

Six fortnightly transformational coaching sessions that laser into the areas of your business and life that require change, skill building and release. Sessions are 55 minutes duration.

Guided Meditations and Activations

Six powerful activations are undertaken to open you up to the unlimited nature of your being. And a selection of meditations to be used daily are provided to open you up layer by layer and facilitate a powerful transformation. The meditations allow you to train your body, mind and soul to strengthen, open and shine BRIGHT!

Reflective Notes

Each activation of the 6 spiritual truths are grounded into the practical via powerful self enquiry questions. They are an essential step to ground our insights into everyday life.

Training Videos

Some of the skills that are essential to balance success with fulfilment are presented in educational videos so that your coaching sessions can focus purely on exploring you.

Email Support

1:1 clients are welcome to email me during the 3 months with any questions, reports or requesting advice on issues as they arise. Self Study clients can email me fortnightly with questions.

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In this fast paced world we live in,
it is the physically healthy,
mentally strong,
emotionally open
and spiritually free
who truly thrive.

Are you ready to shine like a diamond under pressure
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