Take a deep breath and feel down deep into your powerful diamond essence.


You are made of the powerful elements that surround you… earth, water, wind and fire.  

It’s time to step more fully into your sacred power!


Are you ready to join forces in a sacred circle to allow your 

natural abundance, raw expression and highest potential to unfold?



Circles of support are powerful, they’re inspiring and they provide the necessary support required to thrive.

We were never meant to walk the path alone… humans thrive amongst like minded support!

Our western culture lacks community, ceremony, intimacy and tribal power!

So let’s UNITE fellow Diamonds!



Imagine meeting monthly online with a group of like minded souls committed to growth, abundance, joy and transformation.

Each circle begins with ceremony and an intuitively guided meditation that activates different aspects of your power.

You will be invited to personally share your dreams, your intuitive guidance and your struggles and resistance.  

You will receive both group support and transformational coaching from myself during the monthly ceremony.

You can explore, share and celebrate your deepest yearnings and struggles in a safe place.

The focus will be on transformation and alchemising your struggles into strengths, your fears into fulfilment… 

the dirt of life into diamonds.

Whatever arises for you will be felt, embraced and transformed into the fuel required to thrive in all areas of your life.

It will be a high vibrational space to heal, inspire, uplift and unite us in our collective growth and awakening!



Who's the circle for?


It’s for you if you…

– desire support to create the next level of your dream life, 

whether it be in business, health, relationships, lifestyle or personal awakening.

– you have been receiving nudges to step up in an area of your life (or all areas! Ha!) and you want to thrive in your life.

– are willing to transform your pain into power.

– seek a safe place to face and move beyond your fears so you can attract the abundance and joy you deserve.

you love nature, travel and learning about other cultures.

– want to shine like a diamond and be supported to step into your highest potential.



When is it on?


The circle will meet monthly on Mondays 8 til 9pm EST time (Melbourne) on Zoom.


The first group was a longer 90 min circle and designed to activate what is calling you in 2021.


You can watch the replay below to get a feel for the power and support generated in a sacred circle.










If you loved the FREE January Diamond Circle and would love to come along every month 

on a Monday night around the dark moon to bring ceremony, support and power to your dreams…

 I have an exciting offer for you.


The Diamond Circle is a powerful coming together of souls in sacred ceremony.


What’s Included :


– Live Group Ceremony every month 

at 8pm (Melb time) Monday nights around the dark moon.

In a safe ceremonial space share where you are at, receive support and 

undertake a powerful ritual to release fears and activate your full power.

Each month we will connect with a different power spot and culture around the globe to activate different areas of your innate power! 

In January we begin with the Australian Aboriginals of Uluru.  

Over the year we will explore the Kahunas of Hawaii, the Mayans of Central America, the Maoris of New Zealand, the Incas of Sth American Andes, the Indians of the Amazon Jungle, the Healers of Bali, the Buddhists of The Himalayas, the Celtics of Glastonbury and the Egyptians of the Pyramids of Giza.    

Well let’s face it… we wont be travelling the globe for a while… so cyber travel here we come!


Weekly Guidance/Transformational Coaching delivered straight to your phone.  

You are invited to make Monday nights your ‘power night’ to deepen your connection to what is calling you with self inquiry.

The weekly guidance shared every Monday will discuss topics around manifestation and personal leadership, we’ll explore transformational tools from various cultures, I’ll provide meditations to undertake, journal prompts to explore your subconscious and I’ll suggest personal rituals to undertake.


Access to 24/7 Support from your fellow Diamond Circle Souls.

Receive support from your fellow Diamond Circle participants in an online forum by sharing your dreams as they unfold, your insights, your struggles and be supported by inspiring like minded souls.



The cost is just a AUD$99 monthly recurring payment that you can cancel whenever you like. 

Places are limited so trust that inner nudge!


Join us to make 2021 your most powerful, abundant and joyful year yet.



I look forward to travelling with you in 2021 and supporting your goals, dreams and true fulfilment to unfold.  


Courtney Prosser

Transformational Mentor