The next Full Moon Nature Meditation is Sunday 28th of March 

at the magnificent Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne.


These world class gardens are a breathtaking haven of autumn colour this time of year.  

Mother nature shows her glorious splendour right on the doorstep of the city.  


The gardens create a vortex of serenity, calmness and abundance in the heart of the city vibe.




It is the perfect place to spend the day meditating, learning about Aboriginal culture, grounding, releasing, cleansing, and basking in the autumn splendour.






   We begin at 9am for a welcome circle and ground to the powerful land.  


At 10am we journey into the ancestral lands of the local Kulin nation and learn about the First Peoples of Australia with an indigenous guide.


 It is like a powerful walking meditation that opens a deeper understanding 

and connection to this magical nature wonderland.  


     A vegetarian picnic lunch will be provided. BYO snacks and drinks.



The day will include 3 more powerful meditations that will drop you out of your head 

and into the depths of silence and power within.  We will also use the power of the autumn leaves to let go of internal patterns that no longer serve us.


We finish the day around 3pm with a closing circle to reflect on the magic of the day. 




     Come along and sink deep into the silence and wisdom of nature!



The event is suitable for beginners in meditation to advanced 

as all meditations are part guided and part silence. 


Cost is $200 for the day! Places are limited.

“Thanks Courtney for creating one of the most deeply beautiful connective days this year! I’m truly so grateful!  You are an incredible soul.”  Chrissi 

“”Thanks Courtney the meditation day was awesome. A perfect day.” Steve