Guest Interview

If you are looking for an exciting and soulful guest to interview

 to bring huge value and inspiration to your audience… 

introducing Courtney Prosser

Transformational Mentor for Business and Life.

This woman is on a mission to bring more shining light into this world through her life changing program The Diamond Code.  It’s for business owners and soulful searchers who want to turn their struggles into success, their fears into fulfilment and the dirt of life into DIAMONDS!

So many people get stuck along the way to their dream and are unable to let go of the past and their inner resistance to success. But whatever stands in the way from creating the business, life and fulfilment that we seek is actually the rocket fuel required to manifest miracles.  

When you know how to transform darkness into light 

you are unstoppable and can 

shine like a diamond! 

Courtney has worked in the healing and coaching industry for 25 years.  

She began her career as an Occupational Therapist working with the dying, teaching meditation and counselling.  

She was quickly disillusioned by the medical model and went in search of ‘true healing’.   She worked with Shamans in South 

America, studied with meditation masters in India and discovered the power we all have within to transform pain into pleasure,

 stress into success and use our darkest moments as rocket fuel to power our dreams.  She has sat with people for decades

 during their darkest times… dying, facing illness, relationship endings, personal breakdowns and business struggles

 and guided them all to turn their challenges into victory!

Courtney has overcome her own demons and continues to, using the very strategies she teaches in The Diamond Code.  

After experiencing sexual and emotional abuse in her childhood, watching her father go to jail and finding the body of one 

of her mentors who’d committed suicide… Courtney has found powerful ways to turn all of her hard times into 

shining wisdom and diamond strength.

Her mission is to inspire others who are struggling and feeling blocked

 on any level of business, health, relationships and life to rise up and be the alchemist that turns all trouble to triumph.

Transformation is a hugely overused word in the business and personal development industry 

and Courtney doesn’t use it lightly.  She believe’s and has seen over and over again in her 25 year career,

 that a true transformation can only occur when ALL LEVELS of someone’s being shifts.

Therefore, in the Diamond Code Training and all of her meditations a shift is made in business, lifestyle, diet, mind, 

emotions and spirit.  When all levels of our being are uplevelled a transformation is certain and lasting.



Some of the topics that Courtney is an expert on and can discuss in more detail during an interview are:


 How to use meditation to access your power and create miracles in your business and life.


How to use past trauma and stuck emotional patterns to access deeper intuitive wisdom to guide us to success.


How to reprogram subconscious mental patterns to align your mind with your dreams.


And many more…


Please email Courtney at to discuss interview requests.