With all of the recent advances in technology I’ve been dreaming of a device 

that can support us in our transformation of our body, mind, emotions and spirit… 

and it is finally here! 


Introducing the exciting new Healy wearable device.


Science Meets Spirituality

Healy is a holistic wellness device used to 

balance and support the bodies bio-energetic field. 


The Healy device can measure and analyse your energetic imbalances on a physical, mental, emotional

 and vibrational level via a quantum sensor then deliver back to you customised and specific frequencies

 to realign your cellular, emotional and/or energy centres back into energetic balance.

To put it more simply… Healy can talk directly to your cellular energy.  

It can ask your cells what they need to heal and then deliver the exact frequencies 

your cells ask for or resonates with to heal.

Sounds like magic and I’d love to say it is… 

but it’s just science!  

Cutting edge science and technology

 created by a group of conscious creators, doctors, scientists and engineers.

Humans are only as healthy as the health of their cells 

and their ability to communicate with each other. 


As seen above, a cell ideally has a voltage of -70mV and thus enough energy to live 

and communicate with other cells.  


In the course of injury and disease, this voltage is often reduced to -50mV.  

At -40mV pain and inflammation can start to occur.  

Around -15mV is the threshold below which the cell can mutate into a tumour cell.


The Healy device should optimally support the cellular environment and cell membrane voltage with 

specific and individually selected frequencies and currents.  In this way, the metabolism and cell division

 is stimulated in such a way that the ATP synthesis (energy production of the cells) and protein synthesis

 for the construction of the basic building blocks of the body are strengthened.  



Areas that the Healy device can assist with…


Gold Cycle
Designed to help you feel vital, calm and balanced

Mental Balance
Aims to support you in regaining emotional & mental balance

Helps you get better rest and sounder sleep through relaxation

Bio-energetic Balance
Promotes the bio-energetic balance of your organs and balances disturbances in your energy field.  This includes programs for hormones, eyes, liver function, allergies, pain, migraines, immunity, menopause, bacteria, viruses, infection and many more.

Intends to bio-energetically support your inner and outer beauty 

Designed to bio-energetically support your skin through special applications

Protection Programs
Promotes your bio-energetic balance, vitality and well-being


Reinforces relaxation and resistance to stress

Helps you achieve your athletic goals and recovery

Helps you focus when you really need to

Help you activate and harmonise your energy centres

Helps to improve the flow of your life energy


Change your frequency - change your life!


All Healy devices are the same it is just the amount of programs on each device that sets them apart.  

You simply can add more programs to your Healy at any time.  


You can choose from a range of Healy devices, ranging from 

AUD $770 (personal use) up to AUD$3800 (practitioner use).


Healy Gold Programs included:

  • Pure – Purification & detox from negative environmental influences, toxins and the effects of an unhealthy diet
  • Care – Immune system balance
  • Balance – Physical balance
  • Being – Emotional balance
  • Energy – Activate more energy
  • Relax – Relaxation

**These are the foundational programs and contain all 144,000 frequencies

**Plus 1 other program page of your choice for FREE.

Healy Holistic Health – All of the Healy Gold programs plus:

  • Pain/Psyche – anxiety, depression, migraine, back pain, chronic pain
  • Bio energy balance 1 + 2 -this is immune system, hormones, nerves, flexibility, joints, thyroid, cold, nerves, gastro intestinal, and much more.
  • Mental balance – This is confidence, emotional balance, compulsive behaviour, addictions, blockages, cranial stimulation.
  • Meridians- this is Chinese medicine science and deals with Allergies, Connective Tissue, Bladder, large intestine, small intestine, fatty degeneration, gall bladder joints, skin, heart, hormones, circulation, liver, lungs, lymphatic, stomach, spleen, pancreas, kidneys and organs.
  • Sleep- exhaustion, adrenals, fatigue, bed rest
  • Skin – local scarring, local wounds, acne.

Healy Holistic Health Plus – All of the Healy Gold & Healy Health programs plus:

  • Learning – Memory, concentration, exam, stress acute, stress system, learning accute through central nervous system.
  • Fitness- weight; stimulating organs that eliminate waste, muscle, circulation, performance, strength, stamina, regeneration, deep relaxation.
  • Job and sleep: mental clarity, stress, balance nerves, fatigue, exhaustion system, exhaustion acute, sleep, balanced sleep, bed rest, fine flow.
  • Beauty: inner beauty, hair, skin, aging, nails, skin elasticity, local wounds, acne, scars.
  • Chakras: energy systems
  • Protection: general protection, cell, mental, electro sensitivity, sleeping, geopath, subtle

Healy Resonance – Includes ALL PROGRAMS and gives an analyses read out of what your body specifically needs

  • Healy Holistic Health Plus (contains more than 120 programs on 16 program pages)
  • + Healy Analyse app with Resonance and Aura module gives analysis and vibrational healing.  


 Healy is growing by word of mouth from those who report benefits of body, mind, emotions and spirit.


Click below to read a long list of testimonials from Healy users.


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Healy is a brand new global company so purchase prices are paid in SGD.  

Search the current exchange rate for your currency.  


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If you have any questions or would like a free session to experience the Healy please email me at hello@courtneyprosser.com

Disclaimer: Healy is a medical device for the treatment of pain in chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine, as well as for the supportive treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and related sleep disorders. All other applications of Healy are not recognized by conventional medicine due to lack of evidence in the sense of conventional medicine.