Welcome I’m Courtney Prosser…. 

business mentor, meditation teacher, life coach and truth seeker.


Many high achievers settle for a ‘successful’ but stressful life.

I’m passionate about the art of creating both business success and deep fulfilment…

a life thriving on all levels… 

the Holy Grail of life is to master both outer success and inner fulfilment. 


who i work with

I work with business owners and professionals who are high achievers. They have 2 main goals.  1. To grow and expand their business or career success. 2. To find greater peace, wellbeing and fulfilment in their life.   They come for coaching when they are ready for the next expansion but are already stressed with their current level.  Sometimes their health or relationships have started to breakdown.  Sometimes they have emotional issues that are holding them back.  Sometimes they are simply overwhelmed with all of life’s demands and know they need to make some changes. 

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my coaching style


My style is direct, humorous, practical, intuitive and honest, but as you know…that’s where true transformation lies… in facing the deeper truths.  I help you cut through your old stories, conditioning and outdated beliefs that aren’t aligned with your goals.  I use a holistic approach that honours all levels of our being; body, mind, emotions and spirit.  I offer a deep style of listening and enquiring that uncovers the root of your struggles and it’s perfect antidote. 

how i help my clients


I help my clients become crystal clear on what they want and what steps they need to take to get there.  I teach skills that are the cornerstone of a successful and a deeply fulfilled business and life, such as meditation, mindset work, boundary setting, confidence building, emotional clearing and intuition training.  I continually bring you back to who you are so that you can align your business and life with your values.  We detox your body and your life to clear out all that stands in your way of the balance, fulfilment and success you seek.

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my training and experience


I started my career as an Occupational Therapist working in the hospital system with the terminally ill.  The biggest regret of the dying is not following their gut instincts in both business and life.  This inspired me to follow my own dream/intuition, so I started my own counselling / life coaching business back in 2003 and over the last 16 years have guided hundreds of people to thrive in their wellbeing, business and life.  The last five years I have focused on business coaching and I love guiding high achievers to thrive on all levels.

my personal life

I am a wife and mother of two young children and we live on a nature filled property in the Mornington Peninsula.  I love to travel regularly and have studied with many meditation masters around the world over the last 20 years.  Nature is my wisest teacher and inspiration to flourish in life.  I feel blessed to have created a business and life that I adore and I look forward to guiding you to create your version of outer success and inner fulfilment. 

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All new clients begin with my 4 week coaching program called The Diamond Code.
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I look forward to meeting you.