How to Be The Calm Amongst the Chaos

Times of upheaval, challenge and chaos are ripe for transformation and growth.


The current global upheaval will…

… amplify your core wounds,

… activate your survival/reptilian brain responses,

… reveal your fear triggers

… and bring to the surface the deeper fear based patterns that have always been influencing your life.


I highly recommend to use this time as a powerful opportunity to go within and clear out the old that no longer serves you.


Let’s use this time as an opportunity to empower us and enrich our lives.


I have a powerful meditation for you to undertake today that is very healing on all levels to your body, mind and soul.  It empowers you to re-centre and be the calm amongst the chaos.

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If there is a circling fear and an associated emotional pattern that you’ve always struggled with and it is surfacing right now… I have some powerful tools to transform it.  


Often our deep fears stem from early traumas but are triggered in the present when they are ready for deeper healing.  


They are easier to heal when they are active and triggered.  


One powerful technique that I use to transform stubborn fears is one of the most ancient forms of healing on the planet… soul retrieval.  


When we experience trauma we often fragment a part of our soul in order to survive the experience.  These soul parts can return during powerful healing moments in our life but some larger parts that don’t re-integrate continue to cause cycling patterns of fear.  


After a soul retrieval, which is an ancient shamanic practice, we can finally resolve, heal and transform the old wound.  The most common response after a soul retrieval is to finally feel whole and empowered in the face of things that usually terrify us.  


I have opened up space for a number single sessions at affordable rates if you are finally ready to transform any rising, old and stuck patterns.

Email me at if you are interested in a single session of transformational coaching and soul retrieval.


Onwards and Upwards


Courtney Prosser

Transformational Mentor

Courtney Prosser is a Transformational Mentor who guides you to boost your success, manage your stress and deepen your fulfilment.  She is the creator of RADIANCE a coaching program that guides you to thrive and shine like a diamond.

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