How to Use Meditation To Awaken Instead of Avoid Stress

I believe that mastering stress is one of the most essential skills we require to thrive in our busy modern world.


We need the strength, the clarity and the wisdom to continually rise above, transform and overcome stress at each step on our life adventure.


If we are not strong in the face of stress it weakens our ability to create the success we are destined for and the fulfilment we yearn for.


Meditation is one of the most powerful skills I have ever learned to rise above stress but it can also be used in a way that avoids our stress and keeps us stuck in it’s patterns.



This weeks podcast episode is titled ‘How To Use Meditation To Awaken Instead of Avoid Stress.’  In the episode I share…


  1. How I use meditation in my own life.
  2. The main purpose of true meditation to rise above stress.
  3. The ways that meditation can keep us stuck and which meditations to avoid.
  4. A simple meditation that guides you to overcome your stress and create the success and fulfilment your desire.


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Onwards and Upwards


Courtney Prosser

Transformational Mento

Courtney Prosser is a Transformational Mentor who guides you to boost your success, manage your stress and deepen your fulfilment.  She is the creator of RADIANCE a coaching program that guides you to thrive and shine like a diamond in business and life.

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