How To Master Anger and Access True Power

Do you often get caught in cycles of anger, resentment and frustration in your business and life?


Are you one of those people who are super cool in most situations and then BAM you’re pissed off and anger explodes?




Do you just get grumpy often and it’s your nearest and dearest who are the only ones who get to see you angry?


Anger is a powerful emotion, that if not mastered can cause destruction in our relationships, it can weaken the power we have to create the success we desire and it keeps us feeling unfulfilled.


Many people’s missions in life are fueled by anger but there are much more powerful ways to stand in our power and access huge amounts of power.


This weeks podcast episode is titled ‘How to Master Your Anger and Access True Power.’  In the episode I share…


  1. How I have learned to master anger in my own life.
  2. The main purpose of anger what it’s actual role is in our lives.
  3. How to reduce feelings of anger and ways to cut through it fast.
  4. A simple meditation that guides you to listen to your anger and use it to connect to the source of your true power.

Click YouTube video below to listen.

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Onwards and Upwards


Courtney Prosser

Transformational Mentor


Courtney Prosser is a Transformational Mentor who guides you to boost your success, manage your stress and deepen your fulfilment.  She is the creator of RADIANCE a coaching program that guides you to thrive and shine like a diamond in business and life.

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