How to shift from just ok to AMAZING!

I have a question for you and I invite you to be completely honest with yourself…

Would you describe your life as amazing or just ok?

I’m not talking about being happy all of the time… which is not possible.

I’m talking about the high vibe, overflowing energy and inspiration kinda of amazing.

The kind of amazing when you don’t expect everything to be perfect because you’re just in love with your expanding life and ready to face any challenges that arise!

Feeling just ok can look like this…

Maybe you’ve already created many of your dreams.

Maybe you’ve met your soul mate, have a family or live in a beautiful place that you love.

You’re doing the work that you love… but it’s plateaued and not quite flying like you’d like it to. 

When people ask you about your life you have so many great things to say.

You’re positive, upbeat and proud of what you’ve created in your life. Your life looks pretty good from the outside.

BUT… deep down there’s a nigling restlessness or discontentment that is hard to put your finger on.

You’re often overwhelmed and tired. 

You’re not sure why you can’t manage to wake up with pure joy in the morning and face any challenges with a sense of adventure… I mean look at your blessed life.

You think maybe you just need to learn to have greater appreciation for what you’ve got.

So you focus on gratitude. You think about or write about all the amazing things and people in your life.

You spend a whole month saying thank you, thank you, thank you!

And it kinda works… you’re a bit happier for a little while.

But then that restlessness and discontentment starts to creep back in.

Your outwardly happy life starts to frustrate you and you’re back to the oh so familiar roller coaster of happy pants to stress head then grumpy bum. 

“Oh sheesh, here I am again. Why can’t I just be grateful for what I have and in love with my life?”

Beneath this common rollercoaster… your next level of growth is calling you forward.

A gentle whisper or vision of what next level success and fulfilment is possible for you.

But you so easily get stressed and overwhelmed with your current life so you don’t bother to pursue it.

“I’m too stressed to step things up.” you say.

“I’ll go for that later”… you tell yourself… “when I have more time, energy or money, then I’ll follow those nudges.”

Until then… you trick yourself into staying with what’s familiar, kinda happy and sort of fulfilled and you distract yourself away from those persistent nudges. 

Then months or even years have gone by and you still haven’t stepped up to claim the success and fulfilment you know is yours to create.

The persistent restlessness, overwhelm and just ok-ness is a symptom of not being in alignment with where your soul is guiding you.

It’s a sign that you’re resisting the flow of growth and expansion.  

Sound familiar?

It does to me… because that was exactly me when I was resisting my next expansion!

I’ve talked myself out of growth with spiritual babble and fancy excuses that in the past have kept me playing small and kind of happy but not living the next level amazing life that is calling.

When I was living in Bali, 5 years ago, on the outside I was ‘living the dream’ but on the inside things felt a bit off.

My life looked pretty impressive from the outside but I was talking myself out of following the inner nudges to create the next level of my dream.

UNTIL… I couldn’t ignore them any longer… THEN I made a commitment to follow my intuition, I invested 10K in a mentor to help me bust through my success/fulfilment ceiling, I took inspired action to manifest my next level dream and BOOM!

Life as I knew it transformed into a miracle!  Life went from kind of ok to amazing!

Real life tangible results of cash in the back, clients in my programs, man by my side, babies growing, dream home bought, joy flowing, soul shining… life in full alignment.

I believe that life is about growth… and if we are not growing we start to feel overwhelmed, restless, anxious and empty inside… no matter how good our life looks on the outside.

It is so common, even amongst high achievers, to reach a certain level and just stagnate there because things are working… but not really thriving with growth.

A year ago after my second bub, I found myself in a stagnant place again.

I was happy with my blessed life but feeling tired and overwhelmed with my lot and resisting my next level of growth because I didn’t have the energy.  

I was waiting until I had the energy and was in the headspace to step up.  

But I don’t stay stuck for long because I’m committed to growth so I made a move before I was ‘ready’. 

As soon as I made the commitment to follow my inner nudges, I invested in a mentor again, created my new website and program then BAM… suddenly I was lit up and had endless energy within a week… just because I stepped into alignment with my soul!

The jet engines of my mission fired up and over the next few months life transformed on all levels… again!

Growth, rest, assimilate, growth, rest, assimilate… more growth… that’s life.  

If we resist growth… we stagnate and feel just ok.

Adequate growth and rest is the recipe for life to be amazing and continue to feel amazing…. not perfect… not without challenge… but amazing because we are aligned, on purpose and expanding into our potential.  

It is our fear of the amazing but unfamiliar next level of success that keeps us resisting growth. 

So if you’ve been feeling restless, un-inspired and just ok… it is likely that it’s time to take action, step up and fully commit to your intuitive nudges.  

Invest the time, energy and money and get the support you need to really thrive this year because life is AMAZING when you end the sneaky resistance and completely stand in alignment with your soul.   No need to struggle alone when we can thrive together.


If you’re ready shift from just ok to amazing… I have 2 current options for mentor support – 

1. Clarity Session – a single session to get you crystal clear on your vision and your next steps of growth.  It includes a detailed clarity questionnaire, 60 min session, personally tailored meditation to align you with your next step and email follow up.  It’s for those who know they are ready for their next steps but are not clear on exactly what.  Reply to this email for more details.

2. The Diamond Code – 3 month private coaching program to catapult your life on ALL levels to your expanding potential.  It is for those who have reached a certain level of success but have plateaued.   Those who are feeling overwhelmed and need to up level all areas of their life to boost success, reduce stress and open to greater fulfilment.  CLICK HERE for more details.  

Onwards and Upwards!

Courtney Prosser is a Transformational Mentor who guides you to boost your success, manage your stress and deepen your fulfilment.  She is the creator of THE DIAMOND CODE a coaching program that guides you to thrive and shine like a diamond in business and life. 

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