Activate Your Success and Fulfilment

I have an exciting gift for you to end your year in full alignment with your big vision for 2020.

The Diamond Code Activation is not just a meditation… it is activation that allows you to fully embody your big vision for 2020 and draw it into your cells ready to be created.  This activation was created for my private Diamond Code clients but I have decided to share it out so that you too can begin to fully embody your vision with the lifestyle, the body, the mindset, the heart space and the soul guidance required for it to become a reality.

Click video below.

If you would like some deeper support on your journey to boost your success, reduce your stress and deepen your fulfilment click below on the Diamond Code Icon.


Onwards and Upwards!


Courtney Prosser

Transformational Mentor for Business and Life


Courtney Prosser is a Transformational Business Mentor who guides you to reduce your stress and grow your business.   She is the creator of THE DIAMOND CODE a coaching program that teaches you to thrive under pressure in business and life.

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