The One Thing That Greatly Deepens Your Presence In Business and Life

the one thing that deepens your presence in business and life

I hope you’re feeling deeply present with your business and life this week!  

In this fast paced world… presence is the most valuable thing we can develop. 

Are you ready to deepen your presence and create greater flow and fulfilment in your day?

Today I’m sharing what has the biggest impact on our presence.

Our ability to be fully present in this moment is mostly effected by how much unresolved trauma we have stored in our bodies.  

The lingering past can keep us stuck in fear and stuck in our head, rather than revelling in the beauty of this moment.  

Deep breath…. let that sink deep.

The core of who we are is untouched by any trauma that we experience in life. Yep squeaky clean!

It’s our nervous system and our mental, emotional and physical body that carries the memories of what we’ve endured. 

I don’t recommend digging around in the past and stirring up old pain for the sake of it. 

However, I’m a big fan of harnessing a depth of presence that is awakened to our vast essence AND can fully embrace anything that arises in each moment.


I experienced my fair share of fear and trauma as a child.  My dad was in a serious car accident 3 weeks before I was born.  He had frontal lobe brain damage that changed his personality and behaviour.   His behaviour post accident was pretty wild. 

There was aggression, inappropriate sexual comments, anger outbursts, punching walls, yelling, deceitful actions and suicide threats. These all came from a generally loving, funny and positive man. 

It was all happy families one moment, then something would trigger my dad, he would snap and chaos would erupt. There was a lot of treading on eggshells trying not to trigger him.

The effects of this time are still within my nervous system. It’s the moments that I am fully expressing myself and speaking up (like now!) that my nervous system can kick in and worry that speaking truth could trigger someone. 


Over the years I’ve learned how to chill out my nervous system… mostly… and am ok with triggering people with my honest expression… it’s taken over 40 years to feel safe to really be me. 

My childhood experience developed in me some powerful skills.  

My ability to listen deeply and feel what another is feeling was once a survival skill and now a sharp tool in my professional toolbox.

The process of learning to soothe and calm down my hyper alert nervous system, now makes me a powerful ally to support others who are stressed, overwhelmed and anxious about their next steps in business and life.

If your nervous system is wound up today… listen to it, breathe deeply, stay connected to your body sensations and soothe yourself with a calm loving voice…. so that you can keep following your intuitive nudges and be the fullest expression of you. 

If you know that unresolved pain from your past is robbing you of the deep presence, success and fulfilment you desire The Diamond Code training clears away what is standing in the way of your next level of greatness.  

There is NOTHING more valuable these days that a powerful presence. 


Onwards and Upwards!


Courtney Prosser

Transformational Mentor for Business and Life

Business Coaching Melbourne


Courtney Prosser is a Transformational Business Mentor who guides you to reduce your stress and grow your business.   She is the creator of THE DIAMOND CODE a coaching program that teaches you to thrive under pressure in business and life.

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