How To TRUST Your Way To Success.

Are you truly courageous on your adventure to create success and fulfilment?

Are you ready to learn how to trust your way to success in business and life?

There’s no road map to guareenteed success and fulfilement in this mad crazy life…


BUT we do have have our powerful INTUITION that will ALWAYS guide us to create EVERYTHING we have ever dreamed of….IF… and I really mean IF we are willing to follow it.


Most people… will only follow their intuition IF it feels safe or it’s aligned with something that they feel comfortable doing.


BUT if intuition tells you that you need to do something that makes you cringe with fear, or something that doesn’t fit your logic or make sense, then NOT MANY people have the ‘golden balls or ovaries’ to REALLY trust it.


Do you?  Do you follow your intuition even if it makes you uncomfortable?


Our life looks and feels the way it does in direct proportion to how much we trust our higher self and intuitive voice.


When a huge shower of miracles appearerd in my life in one big burst about 4 years ago, there was a series of instructions that my intuition gave me to follow to allow those miracles to arrive… and they were ALL instructions I REALLY didn’t want to follow… but did anyway.


  1. My intuition told me I needed to leave Bali where I had been living for a year and return to my hometown of Melbourne. My initial reaction was NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! There’s no waaaay I’m leaving this paradise island where I’m having the time of my life to go back to cold old Melbourne. It felt like a backwards step. I tried to ignore the nudge but it wouldn’t go away… so I packed my bags, trusted and flew to Melbs.


  2. My intuition told me I needed to transition into business coaching and help others create a successful online business as I had created. But my area of expertise for 20 years was finding inner peace, stress management, emotional transformation and spiritual guidance. It didn’t make sense at the time to be a business coach. The guidance was to also transform my relationship with money and open to receive more than I had ever allowed myself to receive.


  3. My intuition told me to prepare to meet a man who wore a suit instead of the world traveller hippy I’d always imagined myself with. It told me that I would meet this ‘man in a suit’ on the internet instead of the hundreds of potential partners that I crossed paths with everyday in cafe’s, airports or walking by the beach. I had always met men very easily and was set against internet dating. The quiet voice within said that if you sign up with Eharmony dating site tonight, you will communicate with just one man and date just this one man… and he is your man. WHAT!?!?! No way!


I trusted and took all of the above 3 cringingly fearful, ‘no I don’t want to’ guidance steps and within a period of 6 months…. my business tripled, I met my man, fell pregnant, bought my dream property and life as I knew it completely transformed.


Soooo many people are mistaken to think that intuitive guidance always feeeeels good and always leaves us with an expanded feeling.


Ohh no no no!


At times intuition feels great but the really big needle mover steps usually scare the $#!+ out of us and test our trust like never before.


Deep breath.


What is your intuition guiding you to do that you’ve been avoiding, putting off and discarding because it feels too scarey?


I invite you to dig down deep and find the courage to take that step you’ve been dancing around…




My intuition has guided me to step up again and take my business to a whole new level.


It’s been making me use a radically honest voice on social media. (If you’re not following me on social media you can do so HERE of facebook and HERE on instagram.) 


I’m cringing with vulnerability everyday as I share things that in the past I crafted a personna around to avoid. Hiding parts that I didn’t fully accept in myself. Ahhhh scarey… but intuition says do it… so like a human puppet on a soulful string… I do it… because powerful rewards always follow.


My intution recently said that I needed to start wearing a diamond mask during all of my videos. I don’t really know exactly why and I’m probably not meant to yet but… I’m doing it anyway. Ha!


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Onwards and Upwards!


Courtney Prosser is a Transformational Business Mentor who guides you to reduce your stress and grow your business.   She is the creator of THE DIAMOND CODE a coaching program that teaches you to thrive under pressure in business and life.

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