How to have a Breakthrough in Business and Life.

Growth is our nature. We are placed on earth to grow and expand to new heights. However we often hit stuck and stagnant points along the journey. Do you feel like your business/life is held at a certain level? No matter how hard you try to keep moving forward, things just don’t seem to budge? Are you ready to learn how to have a breakthrough in business?

Sometimes it can feel like there is an invisible ceiling above that you can’t penetrate, no matter what you try.

It happens when you are trying to heal an illness, grow your business or change an emotional pattern you’ve been stuck in. These stuck places happen in any area of life.

When we find ourselves in a plateau or stuck place, we need find out how to have a breakthrough in business.

“YES please”… I hear you say! “I’d love to get myself a breakthrough… where do they sell them?”

If only it was that easy to just go to a shop and buy a breakthrough or a miracle.

Breakthroughs require us to change our ways. To see things from a new perspective and to clear out the old so we can move into the new.

They require us to take full responsibility for our circumstances and have a hunger for growth and awakening.

After 20 years of guiding people to breakthrough, I have come to learn the necessary conditions that encourage a breakthrough to occur.

how to have a breakthrough in business

3 Ways To Have a Breakthrough in Business

1. Rise – The word ‘breakthrough’ itself feels like we need to use our fierce strength to break a barrier that is holding us back. But I have found that a true and lasting breakthrough comes from rising above the illusory barrier that holds us stuck. We need to expand, grow, raise our vibration, elevate our perspective to see our situation from a greater perspective. That way the barrier that most people exhaust themselves trying to force their way through… simply dissolves.

2. Change – Stuck and stagnant periods are the alarm bell that we need to make a change. We need to do things differently. Like a plant that out grows a pot. A stuck phase is an indicator that we need to create more time and space in our business and lifestyle. We also need to create more room in our mind, emotions and energy. We do this by releasing old stories and healing old wounds from the past that are stunting our growth.

3. All levels targeted – Many breakthroughs occur with a quick expansion followed by a quick contraction then a return to stagnancy. This regression can occur when only one level of our being is expanded into growth. However if the change occurs on all levels, there is a powerful ripple of change that moves through and the breakthrough can stabilise.

Ready for a lasting breakthrough? The Diamond Code guides you through the necessary steps.

The powerful 3 month process sweeps through your entire being one layer at a time and expands it into growth.

The program begins with your lifestyle habits and looks at how you are spending your time and then moves into your diet and how you are fuelling your body and mind for success. These become a powerful foundation for change and pave the way for a deeper transformation in the coming weeks.

I then target your thoughts/beliefs and undertake a profound clear out of all of the old limiting thoughts that have held you back.

Next I guides you into the murky waters of your core issues and emotional wounds and facilitate a profound healing. There is no force or sledgehammer approach required. The previous weeks have cleared the way for the wound to rise to the surface and release naturally with ease.

The program then ignites your intuitive abilities and reconnects you to the quiet soulful and wise voice within. This guides you forward with confidence.

We then finish off plunging you into your core values. The peace, success and fulfilment we search for on the outside is triggered from within.

You finish in breakthrough, expansion and operating at the next level of your potential.

The power of this program is in the layered progressions.

You may have done some of these tasks and approached these areas separately. However, when they are placed in succession a profound and natural expansion occurs!

It is powerful stuff and an absolute honour to witness my clients transform their business and lives before my eyes.

I can’t wait to guide you how to have a breakthrough in business.

Success Story

“Everything changed when I started doing Courtney’s program. After the 4 week intensive phone calls that I did, all the heavy feelings were gone. The online e-course was the icing on the cake giving me extra tools for reducing stress and attracting success that I will use moving forward. I found my new dream job and moved into a new gorgeous apartment after feeling stuck and struggling to find both for way too long. Friends are commenting on how good I look. I feel happy and awesome, and I finally think I am awesome. What a great opportunity this has been for a real clearing, breakthrough and to now start a new refreshing life. I now feel very happy, relaxed and peaceful. I have my self esteem restored is all areas of my life. Courtney you have a powerful style of guidance. The course has been so insightful and empowered me with many lessons and tools that I can use anytime in the future. “ 
– Annie Smith, Creative Designer

Courtney is a Transformational Business Coach who has 20 years experience in facilitating powerful change in her clients lives. Her signature program The Diamond Code
teaches her clients to thrive under pressure.

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