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Do you feel the Weight of Over Responsibility in Business and Life?

One of the biggest patterns I’ve seen get in the way of success is over-responsibility. This deep seeded pattern is what drains our time and energy from honouring our priorities in business and life.

It’s time to stop this unhealthy pattern of over-responsibility in it’s tracks and take your power back. Then your true potential can emerge!

So let’s unpack this over-responsibility issue deeper so you can see if it’s been limiting your business and life too. Because your shining business and life depends on it!

By over-responsibility I mean feeling responsible for others happiness/success. Pouring way too much of your time and energy into keeping others happy at the expense of your own happiness/success.

It’s a HUGE reason for not fulfilling your potential in business and life. If you are too focused on others, you will only ever have leftover energy to fulfil your own needs.

Do you have this sneaky little hidden pattern too?

Most big hearted folk do… so let’s start walking down the path to unravel from over-responsibility.

Ways To Identify the Over Responsibility Pattern

Which of the following can you relate to?

1. Tired

  1. There are thousands of reasons that we can be tired. But if tiredness continues and we are not reading the signs and responding regularly to its signal, our attention is likely more on others needs than our own. So our energy tanks are often running on empty.

2. Natural Giver

You are wired and primed in your early years to always be tuning into others to make sure they are ok. You will always do whatever you can to help. This makes you feel like a good person and has always got you lots of praise and approval. You good boy/girl you! You give give give on autopilot even at the expense of yourself.

3. Resentment3

You often feel resentful towards those that you love and those that you give the most. You may not be aware of why you feel resentful but it’s there bubbling below the surface and bursts out surprisingly at times. Then you’ve had enough and you vow to stop giving so much. But soon enough you can be sucked back into giving and the cycle begins again!

4. Struggle with No Boundaries

You love to say yes to help out others so much that it’s not until you start to feel tired or resentful that you realise that you should have said no. But then it’s often too late.

5. Selfish

Ooh you are far from selfish! In fact you worry that you will be seen as selfish so you always make sure you are thinking of others. Oh you are so lovely, thoughtful and generous… but is your own cup full?

6. Stuck/Stagnant

You haven’t expanded into new growth for a while and feel a bit stuck in your business and life and nothing that you seem to try works.

You may highly relate to the above or you may feel like you’ve already got these sorted. But guaranteed when you are ready for the next level of business growth and awakening to deeper love/peace you’ll need to take it to a new level.

When I finally realised that I had a pattern of taking waaaay to much responsibility for others needs, and I reached out and got the support I needed to release the strong hold of this pattern… my life transformed in miraculous ways.

Yes it’s that powerful!

My business finally began to thrive, my finances moved from broke to abundant, I met my soul mate, fell pregnant, bought my dream home, reached long time goals and dreams that I thought were just fantasies all because I let go of trying to carry others and gave permission for myself to really thrive.

The irony is that I now have even more than ever to give to others which comes more from a place of overflow instead of resentment.

So how many of the above list can you relate to?

Is it time to move to a deeper level and take radical responsibility for the most important person on this planet… YOU!

When you do your business, personal relationships, lifestyle and dreams will soar! I have seen this pattern boost income, drop anxiety and stress levels in an instant and create all sorts of miracles in peoples lives.

Is this your year to finally unplug from all of the limitations to your success and fulfilment and really thrive?

Those who have this over-responsibility pattern often find it hard to reach out and ask for help because they are so used to sorting everything out themselves… it’s time to be supported to thrive, dear heart!

In my 4 week business coaching program The Diamond Code, we get to the root of issues such as over responsibility that are hindering your business success and fulfilment.

Courtney is a Transformational Business Coach who has 20 years experience in facilitating powerful change in her clients lives. Her signature program
The Diamond Code
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