When life looks good on the outside but there is hidden anxiety inside.

Do you often see people living amazing lives and wonder if their lives really are that good? Are they just filtering out the hidden anxiety behind the scenes?

There is a alot of filtering going on in social media and very few people are keeping it real.

Life is filled with shiny promises and photos of people “living the dream”. But they’re not always free behind the scenes.

In the past I’ve been afraid of sharing certain unpleasant or challenging aspects of my life. It was for fear that it will deter people from wanting to work with me.

As I’ve become more transparent and more real in my sharing, I’ve found that it may turn some people away. But being completely authentic in our business attracts much more aligned clients and business experiences to us.

The more we hide behind a persona in our business and our life in general… the more we attract clients or friends who are not fully aligned with their word.

They don’t follow through with what they say they are going to do. Clients don’t pay what they have committed to pay. They don’t put in the effort they committed to put in. Many don’t take action on your guidance and wonder why they haven’t gotten results.

Our clients often mirror how true and real we are being and show us how authentic are message is.

Ahhh gotta love the mirrors!

Today I want to share some of the realities and hidden anxiety behind the scenes of living my dream life. This is to inspire you to show up with more authenticity and truth in your business too.

Previously, I was living a happy and simple life, but was being nudged to expand and grow to new levels. I was pretty broke, single and only dreaming of the full and abundant life that I have now.

Over the last few years I have manifested many miracles. I met my soul mate. Birthed a little girl and boy. Grown my business to new abundant levels. We bought our dream home on 3 acres overlooking the sea and I have travelled regularly. I work part time and have the spacious lifestyle I’ve always been accustomed to.

My life feels like a dream come true! However, what does ‘the dream’ look like behind the scenes?

I have seen the hidden anxiety that many face when they become my clients and they share the real truth.

My life looks good on the outside but there is still stress nehind the scenes that I am continually rebalancing.

One of the biggest stressors in my life at present is adjusting to being a mother. One and a half years in and I still find myself craving more alone time. I struggle to find a suitable balance of time in my business and time with my daughter. She always gets my presence as number one priority. I have so much drive in my business. So it can feel like I have to hold back flood gates of inspiration.

When I finally find a good balance, her needs change so I am constantly shifting my routine to accommodate this. I haven’t yet fully relaxed into the constantly changing demands of parenthood. It’s a continual dance that sometimes I fight more than I flow with. I’m determined to be more at peace with this dance but it’s a constant work in progress.

Another stressor behind the scenes is parts of my business slowing down to allow other parts to emerge.

90% of the time I run my business intuitively. But there is 10% of me that loves to try and control things from my head. This 10% is enough to create an internal battle that will sometimes fight the natural flow. I feel stressed when areas of my biz I’ve put a lot of energy into don’t take off. Until I finally allow the light bulb to go on. Then surrender to the new direction that life is taking me.

When I was counselling and living in Byron Bay, I was resisting creating an online biz for a few years. It was because I didn’t like technology and wanted to keep my biz face to face and ‘pure’. My face to face clients dropped off yet I was getting contacted for lots of Skype sessions. Life was guiding me to have a greater and more global reach. When I finally made friends with my laptop and online marketing my business and life opened up in extra-ordinary ways.

When I was living in Bali with my online coaching biz, I was resisting offering business coaching. Even though many of my clients were asking for it. Because I was attached to my identity as a spiritual guide and mentor not a business person. When I finally surrendered to offering
business mentoring my business income instantly tripled and I found a
whole new love for the power of business as a transformational catalyst.

My business slowed in the mentoring of new entrepreneurs but has opening up for doing deep work with more experienced entrepreneurs.

I’ve been fighting this transition once again and it’s been stressful! Ahhh but I’ve recently just surrendered to this new direction and am trusting the flow once again. I can be a stubborn little chicken at times… but I’m fully listening again!!!!! Ha!

BUT the most challenging stressor in living my dream life is I can often feel uncomfortable by regularly stepping out of my comfort zone. I have committed fully to living my highest potential. Which means I am forever needing to let old parts of me die for new parts to emerge. There is no real identity to stick to. As I allow my beliefs, patterns and priorities to be constantly shifting and changing as I evolve. Yep damn uncomfortable. But over time I am finding more comfort in the discomfort as I’ve seen it create magic in my life over and over again. Creating the life of our dreams is certainly not for the faint of heart… but is soooooo worth it.

So my sharing today is a transparent offering to reveal some of the behind the scenes stressors that can still exist even when you are living your dream life. AND to inspire you to show up in even greater alignment and authenticity in your own life.

Wherever there is frustration, stagnancy or lack of flow in your business and life… it is an indicator that you are out of alignment and not fully hearing the guidance of your intuition.

One of my gifts is to help my clients see where they our out of alignment and to bring absolute clarity to the their mission, gifts, strengths, desires and forward steps.

If you’d like some support to move into greater alignment you can book in a complimentary session HERE and check out my one month coaching program The Diamond Code.

Courtney is a Transformational Business Coach who has 20 years experience in facilitating powerful change in her clients lives. Her signature program
The Diamond Code
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