Stress Management in Business

How are your current stress levels?

Are you feeling the squeeze of pressure in your business and life?

Do you know what you need to regain your balance?

My current working holiday in France that’s away from my usual Melbourne routine has been powerful to bring my stress levels back to their usual level.

It didn’t realise that my stress levels had risen until I was sitting by the pool here in the French countryside. I could feel myself deeply exhaling and my mind quietening.

Stress is one of those things that can creep up on us… so we need some powerful practices in place to ensure it never reaches unhealthy high levels.

I used to let stress really get to me and would regularly burn out in my business and boil over in my personal life.

But luckily my time working in the hospital system and seeing the devastating outcomes of overlooked stress, whipped my butt into action to do something about my stress.

I dived deep into the core of inner peace and uncovered/cleared my main stress triggers and I created a non negotiable routine and habits that keep me operating at my optimum with only slight deviations that are regularly realigned.

I also welcome challenges because my ability to transform stress into productivity and peace has skyrocketed.

4 Tips for Stress Management in Business

1. Check In

The biggest issue with stress is that all too often it goes un-noticed. So check in right now. Rate your stress levels from 1-10 right now in the areas of work/business, personal relationships, money and time. Go! Come up with 4 scores out of 10. 1 is almost zero stress and 10 is about to explode from overload!

2. Know Your Optimum

To really succeed in business/life and reach our full potential, we need to be regularly stepping out of our comfort zone.

We need to learn to be at peace with some discomfort. This means if our stress levels are too low we are playing it way too safe.

If your stress levels are from 1 – 4, unless you are on holidays, on a zen retreat or you’re in super rest mode after a high performance phase… it’s time to challenge yourself to grow.

When your stress levels are too high it means that you need to hear the warning signs and make some changes quick smart. If your stress levels are from 6 -10 you either need to address some deeper issues and/or make some changes to your priorities and daily routine to relieve some pressure fast.

When your stress levels are at a 5 you are likely to be operating at your optimum! If so, yay for you but keep checking in as when they pop up to a 6, as mine have this year, it is time to increase your relaxation and self care to release the pressure.

3. Know Thyself

In order to maintain our stress levels at their optimum with a few rest times a year where they are recommended to dip down below 5 as you rest and recharge… you need to know yourself well. You need to know what your weak stress spots are. What are the areas that usually fall off first when you are overly stressed? Is it your diet, your meditation practice slips, you stop exercising, your free time is gobbled up, you mentally let your mind put you down, you stop listening and following your intuition, you pull back from support and try to do it all yourself? Once you know the areas that usually drop first, you can put some non negotiables in place to protect yourself from slipping.

Prevention is better than cure!

4. Know What Works

You are human, so it will happen that your stress levels will deviate. We are, however aiming to allow the deviation to get smaller and smaller. As soon as you rise up to a 6 or 7 level of stress… you need to know what forms of pressure relief work for you and use them straight away. Do you have some quick release tools up your sleeve to instantly bring your stress levels down when they are rising fast?

One of my stress relief quick fixes is to meditate, so if this week is a particularly stressful week for you, here is a free meditation for some fast relief to drop the pressure and rest in acceptance.  Ahhhh exhale!

Managing stress is one of the most powerful skills that we can master in todays fast paced and high pressured world. Firstly because our mental and physical health depends on it… and secondly because true success and fulfilment cannot be achieved until we learn to be a master our stress.

My one month coaching program The Diamond Code guides you through the necessary steps to clear stressful patterns and breakthrough to your next level of success and fulfilment.

Courtney is a Transformational Business Coach who has 20 years experience in facilitating powerful change in her clients lives. Her signature program
The Diamond Code
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