How to Discover your Strengths in Business.

strengths in business

One of the things that I’ve been reflecting deeply on lately is getting super clear on my strengths in business and my most genius gifts. Not just the things that I’m good at or even great at. But the things that are my absolute superpowers and my areas of true and unique genius.

We all have areas of genius.

Do you know what your strengths in business are? 

Are you crystal clear on your unique strengths in business and using them to your fullest? Do you know how to discover your strengths in business?

Let me share with my strengths that may inspire you to get clear on yours.

One area that is clearly one of my main gifts is my ability to see through people’s darkest moments. I can see through people’s biggest pain, chaos, dysfunction and struggle to the truth at a deeper level. One of my areas of genius is to see into the heart and soul of my clients. 

I can: see when people are living out of alignment with who they really are and what they really want.

  • hear when people are speaking from their head and not their heart and soul.
  • feel when people are acting out of fear rather than divine guidance.

Most importantly, I have a strong intuitive guidance of how to present and deliver this truth to each unique individual. Some need a direct and blunt statement that acts like a swift kick up the butt. Others need an indirect question which will allow them to uncover the misalignment themselves. And some need me to look straight at the truth but not say a thing. By refusing to believe their victim story and seeing them for who they really are… they begin to shift.

This gift has proven powerful over my 20 year career guiding people in areas of health, business and personal life. 

Truth, truth, truth. It is my passion, my highest value, my mission and no surprise it is the meaning of my birth name….

The name Courtney means… person of the Court, person of Justice, person of Truth. 

That’s my biggest gift/strength… what’s yours?

How to discover your strengths in business.

If you can’t come up with an answer right away to your unique gifts and main areas of genius… it is not crystal clear yet… and it needs to be for you to really succeed in business and life.  

It’s time to own and claim your life given gifts at a whole new level and share them with the world!  It’s why you’re here!

I explore this on deeper levels each time I expand my business and life to new heights and I highly recommend you do the same.

We are often soooo good at knowing what we struggle with but now it’s time to keep your eyes focused on your greatest strengths so you can soar.  

How you can discover your strengths in business and life.

One way you can begin the process of uncovering your unique genius is to look deeper than your learned skills and talents to the innate skills you have brought forth into the world.  

  1. What have you always been good at naturally that you didn’t actually learn?

2. What do you get complimented on the most in your business?

3. What comes naturally to you that you know many find difficult?

If you are struggling to see your unique gifts clearly… it can be helpful to ask those close to you… OR…allow my loving lasar beam of truth to guide the process.  I needed help to get clear on mine. It can be tricky to see ourselves clearly at times yet it’s essential to create a business and life you adore.

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