How to Deal with Anxiety in Business and Life

Anxiety in business

Anxiety is currently in plague proportions in our society and is especially high in the business world.

So this week I want to share what I do to deal with anxiety in business and life.

Have you been feeling anxiety in business lately?

Anxiety is an alarm bell that must be listened to.

Many people these days have become so used to high levels of anxiety and internal conflict that it feels normal.

Periods of anxiety is normal. Rising and falling anxiety is normal. But a constant anxious feeling that underlies months and years on end with no relief is NOT NORMAL. It’s not healthy and needs to be addressed!

So let’s all stop for a moment and tune in so we can get the message that anxiety has for us.  

Your life looks exactly the way you have been thinking and it reflects what you’ve focused on.

Yup… you’ve dreamed your life into existence.  

If it’s looking and feeling mighty fine right now… own it… celebrate it…

If it is stressful, chaotic, boring or uninspiring… own that too.

When we are willing to take 100% responsibility for what we’ve created, we own our full power in life. Rather than feeling victims of circumstance.   

I invite you to experiment when your anxiety levels are on the rise. The tips below are simple but life changing! Let’s go! 


1, Firstly, STOP, breathe and listen deeply to your body.  Do that now!

Anxiety is a messenger, an alarm bell… trying to alert us.  “Are you in immediate danger?” If the answer is no, which it is 99.9% of the time… then relax and take another breath.  When we breathe deeply and down into our belly, we signal to our brain and nervous system to calm down.

2. Next ask... “have I recently stepped out of my comfort zone?”  

If you have… yay for you… you are on the path of growth and awakening.   Congratulate yourself and add some new calming lifestyle changes to your world to support yourself during this growth phase.  Keep your eyes and mind firmly focused on all of the great things in your life.  You do this by having a daily practice that keeps you focused on gratitude. You keep your eye on your strengths, gifts and feelings of joy, peace and success.  This is a time to dig deeper than ever before to the source of who you are.

3. If the anxiety continues there are deeper issues to be explored and released.  

The past and your attachment to it is holding back your growth.  Get support.  The deeper issues are hard to face alone. Coaches like myself are here to do the deep dives with you so that you can unhook the past, transform and propel you forward to your dream.

If you haven’t recently stepped out of your comfort zone and just feel anxious in general then it’s time for change.  

Anxiety in business that arises during your normal routine is a sign to simply do the thing you’ve been dreaming about.

It is the alarm saying you are stuck in an outdated pattern.  It is the alarm bell to change your habits, beliefs and patterns as they no longer serve you.

Ask yourself… “what change do I need to make in my life to be more in alignment with the real me?”

Then make those changes.  Once you have stepped up and into a growth phase the anxiety will either subside or change form. Get the support you need to get unstuck.

Stuck and moving anxiety have different qualities. Over time as you become more curious you’ll get to know the subtle difference.  Anxiety during a movement phase is much more easily transformed into excitement and much more fulfilling.     

So in summary… if you’ve been especially anxious lately you need to do one of two things. If it’s stuck anxiety you’re feeling make change now!

If it’s growth anxiety that your feeling… increase the support around you so that you can expand into the next level of your growth, awakening and potential. 

Can you see how anxiety is a faithful messenger?  

Can you see how powerful it is that we face it, embrace it and take either internal or external action on it?

Ahhh bless anxiety and it’s powerful place in our magical spectrum of human emotions.  

I’m here to support your adventure to peace, freedom, success and fulfilment in business and life. Click HERE to hear about my powerful 4 week coaching program, The Diamond Code that teaches you to manage anxiety so that you can be like diamond under pressure.

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