Boundary Setting in Business

A big theme amongst many of my clients at the moment is mastering the art of boundary setting in business.  

Most of you heart felt high achievers will have learned to set boundaries over the years to get to where you are now. However, if you are ready for the next expansion in your business and life… your boundaries need to keep developing, shifting and becoming clearer.

It is impossible to create our dream business and life without clear boundaries in place. However, it is an area that many of us struggle with.  

It is one of the big reasons we stunt our growth in business and life.

We wonder why we feel so tired, stressed and overwhelmed with everything there is to do. But if we just did two simple things more often there would be much greater peace, joy and success flowing through our lives.

So how do we do it?  

So how do we master boundary setting in business?

It is especially challenging when we can find ourselves automatically saying YES YES YES? And of course then later regretting our commitment.

I was one of the biggest people pleasers out there… addicted to saying YES to others! If some-one needed anything I was the go to person for many. This was all at the expense of my own needs.

Hello burnout and hidden resentment bubbling away!  

I learned to transform my relationship with myself and thus learn to honour my needs first and foremost. 

I thought that I had mastered boundaries when I was single and running my own business but an intimate relationship and motherhood have inspired me to take this mastery to new heights. And of course as my business grows they need to keep constantly evolving. 

This is what I do daily to ensure I am focused on boundary setting in business.

1. Keep your eyes on your goals daily.  Each time we say YES to some-one else we often say NO to our own goals and dreams.  If I have my goals and dreams in the forefront of my mind it is easier to say NO. Rather than letting the automatic habit of YES to take over.

2. Ask… what do I need today to take steps towards my dream?  This must be the first question we ask ourselves in the morning.  When you are clear on what you need and hold it close to your heart you can ensure that YOUR NEEDS are central to each and every decision made.  

3. Pause before you answer requests.  In the past my people pleasing addiction would say YES before my intuition had a chance to be heard.  We need time to stop, take a breath and ask deeply whether a request is good for us. Our intuition will always have an answer that is aligned with our goals, needs and true mission.  

4.  Congratulate yourself every time you honour YOU and YOUR dream. People will need to get used to your new boundaries when you are in alignment with your dreams.  Focus on your execution of a new habit rather than other peoples response. This keeps propelling us forward instead of giving us an excuse to stay stuck in old outdated patterns.  

When you regularly say “I don’t have time” for your priorities, it is a clear sign your boundaries need to shift.

Setting clear boundaries is one of the most powerful skills I have developed over the years. It is the reason I am in love with my life. AND it is one of the most powerful skills that I guide my clients to master.  

The Diamond Code helps you to master this essential skill. If you are ready to supercharge your boundaries undertake a transformation to boost your business and find deep fulfilment book in a complimentary session HERE.

Courtney is a Transformational Business Coach who has 20 years experience in facilitating powerful change in her clients lives. Her signature program The Diamond Code gets great results in a short space of time.

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