I believe life happens FOR us… not TO us.  Our most challenging circumstances are an opportunity for growth, awakening and healing.

We become so powerful when we use our current circumstances and life challenges as the compost required to grow, evolve and shine. When life gets hard… it’s our alarm bell to dive even deeper within and unlock greater levels of expansion, awakening and fulfilment.  But it’s not easy to do it alone… and much more fun and easeful when supported.

So after 25 years as a therapist, counsellor and coach I have created The Radiance Program – to turn your current challenge into your next level of radiance.  Like the coal turns into a diamond under pressure!



The Radiance Program is a counselling and coaching program that is tailored to focus on the area that you desire to increase your radiance in yet impacts all areas of your life.

What issue are you ready to face head on with an experienced guide?

What area of your life has been challenging that you want to shine in?

 Over 4 months we clear out the old and call in the new elevated you by up-levelling your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

It’s time to radiate like the diamond that you are.



 I’m not one of those coaches who will show you how to stick positive sparkles over the top of your darkness so that it shines on the surface. Those temporary sparkles feel good for a while, but they soon wash off when life brings another storm. 

Instead I walk with you into the darkness and we adventure in the dark shadows that you’ve been avoiding and distracting yourself from. It can be scary and challenging to enter your shadow alone and remain present with old trapped feelings but with experienced support… it is the most liberating journey you can ever go on.

Together as a powerful team we shine a powerful light of love, nurture and presence on the shamed and disowned parts that subconsciously attract drama and unfulfilling circumstances into your life.  Then and only then can you experience a deep, lasting and powerful transformation that uncovers a resilience to weather life’s storms.

With true transformation the sparkle of joy returns to your eyes and you begin to attract joyful circumstances to you like a magnet.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of personal transformation and radiance?  I’m here to support you every step of the way.  The Radiance Program is designed to help you heal, grow and thrive. 



We undertake a transformational sweep of your life on all levels over the four months.  We detoxify your body, lifestyle, mind and emotions layer by layer so that your soul can shine its natural radiance.



With the detoxifying of your body and mind this allows the main core wound that is causing drama and discontentment in your life to be open and ready for healing. 

Often our core wounds are locked away under fierce defences and unhealthy habits and they take time to access… but when undertaking a whole being detox, they rise to the surface and release more easily.

Once the surfacing core wound and any related traumas are healed your soul naturally shines with radiance and fulfilment. 

You arrive at an expanded level of awakening, a new height of personal growth, a higher dimension of seeing and a deeper grounding into your present life and moment.


Detailed life assessment and healing plan. 

We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your life, helping me to gain deep insights into your unique challenges and aspirations.  Based on this assessment, we create a personalised healing plan tailored to your specific needs.

Four fortnightly 1 hr transformational coaching sessions. (8 weeks)

I will guide you through powerful and transformative coaching sessions, helping you navigate obstacles, uncover your true potential and create a roadmap for your desired life.  These sessions will be help every two weeks, allowing you ample time for integration and growth.

Two monthly 1 hr transformational coaching sessions. (8 weeks)

After the initial 8 weeks, we continue to support you with two monthly coaching sessions.  These sessions will help you to maintain momentum, celebrate your progress, and address any new challenges that arise along your journey.  

Email support.

We understand that transformation can sometimes require additional guidance and support between sessions.  That’s why we provide email support throughout the program.  Feel free to reach out with any questions, insights, or breakthroughs you experience between coaching sessions.   

Online Ecourse.

As part of the program, you will gain access to my exclusive online ecourse. This ecourse includes guided meditations, suggested rituals and journal prompts to undertake at home to help deepen and integrate the changes.  You can access the course at home, allowing you to dive deeper into your personal growth at your own pace. 

You are supported and held in a potent container to heal over the 4 months.


Option 1. $1200 paid upfront.

Option 2 .  3 fortnightly payments of $420.

With a total of 6 sessions, the Radiance program is designed to bring profound shifts and lasting transformation.  We are committed to empowering you on your path towards personal growth and fulfilment. 

It’s an exciting opportunity to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment.  Reach out today to secure your spot and begin your transformational experience.


It is my deepest wish that you can stare your current circumstances in the face with courage and compassion and turn the dirt into diamonds.

"Wow oh my gosh! Absolute life changer, so profound, so beautiful, so simple! Life feels clear. What a powerful process."
"The process was subtle yet powerful. I'm feeling so content. Courtney you are so gentle, strong, intuitive and supportive."
"What a deep process. I feel so much lighter, more confident and have a deeper trust in my intuition moving forward."
"My mind was tormenting me with stories I couldn't resolve on my own. Wow I'm so much more at peace and I've found joy."
"Your process and way is so beautiful. You're so good at what you do and so real and genuine that I can't help but feel seen, heard and loved despite my resistance, fear and intense emotions."
"I'm feeling radiant. It has been such a helpful process. It's the tiny things that have changed that mean so much... like there are nights that I don't even realise that I don't have a wine and that's the way it sould be."



I’m not currently taking on new clients.  If you want to transform and radiate I suggest going on an adventure and undertaking the Buried Treasure Meditations.

CLICK HERE To visit the Buried Treasure Website.

You are the treasure you seek.