guiding your stress to plummet

and your fulfilment and success to soar!


 Are you ready to expand your business 

but you’re already stressed at its current level?

Do you experience regular overwhelm, frustration, niggling health issues, and inconsistent energy,  that’s holding your business back?

Are your business goals impacting your health, relationships and ability to simply relax and enjoy life?

Business Coaching Melbourne
Business Coaching Melbourne
Business Coaching Melbourne

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I’m Courtney Prosser, transformational business coach and creator of The Diamond Code.  A personalised business coaching program for high achievers ready to thrive under pressure in their business and life.  

The Diamond Code is a unique and powerful combination of 

both personal development and business growth

both inner awakening and outer achievement

both deep fulfilment and wild success. 

Business Coaching Melbourne
Business Coaching Melbourne
Business Coaching Melbourne

true success


Most of my clients want more than just a busy business with cash flowing… they also seek deep joy, inner peace, happy relationships and vibrant health.  They are tired of the exhaustion, overwhelm and stress it has taken to get to where they are now.  They are ready to learn the lost art of thriving under pressure.  This way they can keep their foot on the accelerator of their business and simply upgrade the way they handle stress.  They become like the coal that turns into a diamond under pressure… shining bright.


To effectively move from being the stressed out coal to become the shining diamond who is thriving under the everyday pressures of business and life… we need a deep transformation to occur.  We need to fuel our bodies and brains for peak performance.  We need to learn upgraded healthy habits.  We need to align our beliefs with our next level of success.  We need to release the next layer of baggage that we still may carry.  And we need to reconnect to the deepest part of ourselves… our source.  Transformation is lasting when all levels of us are primed for success; body, lifestyle, mind, emotions, spirit.



Most people are ready for a deep transformation when they are in a transition phase.  It’s time for a change and they know it!  

Either you…

– are ready to move in a new direction but feel stuck doing what’s safe, comfortable but uninspiring.

– are experiencing high levels of stress in order to maintain your success and feel like a rubber band about to snap.

– have health or relationship issues arising that are pushing you to make changes in your business and life.

OR you’re simply so ready to upgrade your business and life and you’ll do whatever it takes to finally experience the fulfilment, joy, peace and next level success that’s calling your name!

Peaceful Business Growth

create life changing results

it's time...


It’s time to stop pushing your business on determination alone and begin fuelling your body, lifestyle, mind and soul for peak performance that is overflowing with fulfilment.

Why settle for stress and struggle in your business, when you can feel deeply content and in flow, as you stretch and grow into your next level of potential.


One of the areas that has THE BIGGEST impact on our stress levels and our next level of success… is our mind.  


The Diamond Mind is a FREE 5 day audio course that teaches you the main essential ingredient to thrive under pressure.

This inspiring audio course upgrades your meditation practice and your mindset to allow your next level of success to be reached with greater power, flow, ease and joy.


decisions today create tomorrow

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