Welcome I'm Courtney Prosser
creator of The Diamond Code.
A transformational business coaching program
for professionals ready to learn to
thrive under pressure in business and life.

true success

Most of my clients want more than just a busy business with cash flowing… they also seek deep joy, inner peace, happy relationships and vibrant health.  They are tired of the constant overwhelm and stress it has taken to get to where they are now.  They are ready to learn the art of thriving under pressure.  This way they can keep their foot on the accelerator of their business and simply upgrade the way they handle stress.  They become like the coal that turns into a diamond under pressure… shining bright.

The Diamond Code


To effectively move from being the stressed out coal to become the shining diamond who is thriving under the everyday pressures of business and life … we need a transformation to occur.  We need to learn new healthy habits.  We need an upgrade of our beliefs.  We need a release of the old baggage we carry. And we need to reconnect to the deepest part of ourselves.  Transformation is lasting when all levels of our being are addressed; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 


Most clients are ready for a transformation when they are in a transition phase.  It’s time for change and they know it!  Either they…

– are ready to move in a new direction but feel stuck doing what’s safe, comfortable but uninspiring. 

– are experiencing high levels of stress in order to maintain their success and feel like a rubber band about to snap.

– have health or relationship issues arising that are pushing them to make changes in their business and life.

– have emotional issues surfacing and impacting their work but they are not interested in seeing a psychologist and prefer a more practical approach.

The Diamond Code is a private coaching program
that teaches you to thrive under pressure.
It clears out old habits, beliefs, emotional issues
that keep you locked in the endless stress cycle.
It teaches you new skills and techniques to allow your
business and life success
to be reached with greater ease and joy.

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